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A different solution for different floors

The well-being of the user is key. makes sure that your sports floor is safe and slip-free.
Various types of sports floor are used in the Netherlands:
  • Synthetic
  • Grass
  • Minerals
  • Wood has chosen to focus primarily on the safety of synthetic and wood sports floors in sports halls, fitness centres and multifunctional facilities.
Various flooring manufacturers develop sports floors for professional athletes. These floors comply with NOC*NSF standards and are designed to be as durable as possible too. According to calculations, modern flooring techniques and compositions can even mean that a floor outlasts the new building it's laid in. These techniques include surface distribution, which distributes the pressure exerted by an athlete across a surface area rather than concentrating it on one particular spot (area-elastic versus point-elastic). Underfloor heating is installed for the comfort of the athlete too, rather than heating of the space from above (the old-fashioned solution).
Careful consideration is given to the comfort and well-being of athlete rights from the development stage of sports floors. As soon as a sports floor is used for the first time, you can rely on to help you ensure its continued safety.
Many sports hall owners and municipalities find that their budgets won't stretch to the purchase of a brand new, modern sports floor. In this situation, floor rejuvenation - which involves restoring an existing sports floor to its original glory - is the ideal solution, as it requires a minimum time budget and investment.