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A technical service for your floor.

Rejuvenation involves giving your floor a very extensive technical service, developed in-house by us especially for our customers. It restores the original playing characteristics of your floor and extends your floor's lifespan too. We advise you to have your floors rejuvenated at least once every year. Afterwards, you will receive an inspection report and, if the values are as they should be, a safety certificate as well.
If you would like to ensure that your sports floor continues to be optimal, we also advise that you consider taking out the following safety contract. Many municipalities and other organisations have already done the very same thing. References are available on request!

Safety contract

"Be in control with a safety contract from"We are seeing more and more problems with sports floors because of the unclear approach adopted to them in existing maintenance contracts for sports facilities. These contracts often cover general areas, wet areas and sports floors.

However, a sports floor needs a more specific approach than these other areas do. Unfortunately, standard maintenance works usually fall short of the mark, however well intentioned.

This situation is often the result of time pressure, equipment, the wrong dosages, or something as simple as the wrong cleaning product. More often than not, problem floors involve a combination of these factors.

You are left with a sports floor that falls into disrepair, in terms of both hygiene and safety. This can have unpleasant consequences. For example, accidents and injuries as a result of the slipperiness of your sports floor. As the manager, it's important for you to be able to show that you take your responsibility seriously. Armed with a safety contract from, liability won't be an issue any more.

As a specialist in the safety and maintenance of sports floors, we advise you to remove the regular maintenance works included in your existing maintenance contracts and have them carried out by instead. This will guarantee the safety and quality of your sports floor.

A growing number of municipalities and organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium are opting to take back control with a safety contract from

Maintenance instructions

See our flyer about maintenance instructions.