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Advanced Cleaning & Efficiency

An unbeatable concept, ACE stands out because of the professional care your sports floor receives during our regular measurements, inspections and rejuvenations. You will receive an advisory report after each inspection and a safety certificate after every rejuvenation.

The ACE concept consists of three essential factors:

If you decide to opt for the ACE concept, you will be arming yourself against a problem that you might normally come up against: a lack of time resulting from a busy schedule. The ACE concept involves the use of a powerful, fully automated cleaning robot that sets to work during hours when no-one is using your sports hall.

The achievement of top performance in a sports hall depends on the right combination of condition, strength, skill and teamwork. However, the condition of the sports floor is beyond the control of the users of indoor sports facilities. A clean and safe sports floor is a minimum requirement for anyone wanting to play sport sensibly. By introducing the innovative, new ACE concept, is putting you in a position to keep your sports floor in perfect condition and extend its lifespan too. Our experts focus on the slipperiness, gloss values and hardness of your sports floor. They will also thoroughly check your floor for damage and to see whether floor markings are intact.

Many demos and meetings have led us to conclude that machine cleaning is the exception rather than the rule in most spaces; once to twice a week is typical. However, figures show that if a space of more than 1,400 m2 is scrubbed twice a week, the machine will have paid for itself in just 16-20 months. That's a good investment!

What you stand to gain

  • Safe sport guaranteed
  • Operational outside the schedule
  • Maintenance costs reduced
  • Your liability is limited
  • Improved hygiene
  • The sports floor is always in perfect condition
  • The lifespan of your sports floor is extended
  • Annual inspections
  • Extra measurement times
  • Mystery checks
  • Lower hirer turnover
  • Increased indoor-user satisfaction
  • No problems ensuring appropriate working conditions for night shift employees